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The Agricolae Oleum network

The Valdambra Biodiversity Custodians

The close relationship between the human and the olive tree has characterized the evolution of the Tuscan landscape. Admired by visitors of all ages, it is the result of the effort of generations of farmers who with passion and hard work have created this extraordinary mix of nature and culture, rightly defined by historians as an ‘agrarian landscape’. In the Valdambra all this is particularly evident, it takes just a look around to realize it.

The producers of the Agricolae Oleum network are the protagonists of the OLIONOSTRUM project, the custodians and caretakers of the biodiversity of the olive trees in the Bucine and Valdambra area.

Together they are engaged in numerous actions and training courses with the objective to produce the best possible extra virgin olive oils.

They have defined a deliberately strict production disciplinary which is applied by the producers of the network themselves, as well as the experts and qualified technicians for the correct use and management of the innovative Olivone oil mill.

Network companies

Gli olivicoltori aderenti al progetto Olionostrum hanno scelto di unire le proprie forze per mettere a disposizione delle aziende e del territorio del Comune di Bucine e della Valdambra il nuovo Frantoio dell’Olivone dotato di tecnologia di estrazione innovativa.

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